A garden pond that is beautiful during the day deserves to be equally stunning when the sun goes down. Adding underwater pond lights to your pond is a simple method to give it a sense of nighttime activity by illuminating the water, foliage, and fish.

However, if you cannot decide what pond light to purchase, then this article is for you. As a bonus, we added what you should look for in a pond light, plus our top picks.

Best pond lights in the market today

If you cannot decide yet on what pond light to purchase, then you may pick from any of these recommendations.

NFESOLAR Solar Spotlights

NFESOLAR Solar Spotlight Outdoor with 28 LEDs, Adjustable 2-in-1 Solar Lights Outdoor IP67...
  • Honeycomb Design: We installed the LED beads in an optimal distribution on a honeycomb panel,Match with special lampshade.The light follows the designed route, which is more natural and bright.
  • Adjustable Solar Lights and Panel: The solar panel can independently adjust the direction of the face, so it can receive sunlight reasonably no matter where it is. Also the solar spotlights are 110° adjustable and can illuminate anywhere needed.
  • 2 in 1 Function: The solar spotlights can be mounted on the ground or on the wall. Suitable for gardens, aisles, poolsides, terraces, lawns, garage front doors, flag poles, etc. Brightness up to 600LM, it can be used to illuminate the path in your yard or the plants in your garden.

NFESOLAR Solar Spotlights are not only great for your pond but they can also be used for landscaping. This is also an easy-to-set-up pond light. Because it is solar-powered, it will not add to your monthly expenses.

It includes 3 independently dimmable LEDs with automatic-cycling red, green, and blue colors. These are all connected to the solar panel by a 10-foot wire.

Moreover, it has a total output of 12 lumens with a 3.5w solar panel that can last around 6-8 hours when fully charged.


  • Can work for up to 8 hours
  • Solar-powered; no monthly expenses
  • Waterproof lights and submergible for up to 30 minutes


  • Limited nighttime operation
  • The cords between lights are too short
  • It may be a bit dim for deep ponds

Jebao Submersible Pond Lights with Colored Lenses

Jebao PL1LED-1 Submersible Pond LED Light with Colored Lenses
  • Great for fountains, ponds, lakes, waterfalls or garden landscapes
  • Use in or out of water
  • 12v 1.6 watts

Affordably illuminate your pond or water garden with the Jebao Submersible Pond Light Kit.  You can use this in or out of the water to illuminate your pond and garden. Its lights have a 2.25-inch diameter, a 3-inch height, and a 16-foot power chord.

This LED lighting kit is made for low voltage, so it will not damage you or your fish. You are assured that your pond will be protected from contamination because it is composed of non-toxic plastic.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • With photocell sensors
  • The power cord of 16 ft in length
  • LED light lasts for 100 000 hours
  • Has four lenses—red, blue, yellow, and green


  • Does not have a remote control
  • Color lenses need manual setup

Waterproof LED Lighting for Aquascape Water Features and Gardens

Aquascape LED Garden and Pond Lighting Six (6) Pack 84045
  • Complete your landscape and water garden with the Aquascape LED Lighting bundle pack
  • Features six (6) powerful 1-watt LED diode
  • Very energy efficient with a 40,000 hour bulb life

Light up your pond and yard with the Aquascape Pond and Landscape Lighting Kit’s six 1-watt energy-efficient LED lights. This extremely low-maintenance submersible pond has a diecast metal casing with a protective coating over it.

This makes these lights suitable for use in the roughest environments. The white light produced by the LED bulbs is among the most realistic looking of any pond light on the market.


  • Energy-efficient
  • LED lifespan of 40,000
  • Comes with a 5-year full replacement warranty
  • Waterproof; resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Comes with a mounting base and long power chord (14.5 feet)


  • Does not include a remote control
  • Does not come in other colors except for white

SHOYO Solar Powered Underwater Pond Light

SHOYO RGB Pond Lights, Underwater Colorful SpotLights, IP68 Waterproof Colored LED Fountain Light...
  • 【Submersible Lights】This led fountain lights is IP68 waterproof, can be set underwater, will give you a beautiful water lighting effect.
  • 【Colorful LED Lights】This underwater lights have 7 stable lighting color(yellow green red blue magenta cyan and white) and 4 flashing modes, which controlled by remote.The White color is an RGB combined color, not real White.
  • 【Timer Fuction】You can set this landscape lights on timer for 2/4/6 hour, just press the button on the remote, very easy to control.

During the day, the SHOYO underwater pond light will absorb enough solar energy to power itself, and at night, it will turn on by itself. 

The fact that it runs on solar energy means that you can leave the plug in any location. In addition, the high-quality components used in its construction ensure that the solar panel has a long service life and produces consistent, reliable electrical power.

Both the solar panel and the lights can withstand wet conditions (IP68 rating). This makes them suitable for use as underwater lamps. 


  • Durable
  • Waterproof; IP 68 rating
  • Change colors with four different modes
  • With a remote to easily adjust the lights’ brightness
  • Comes with an 8.8-foot cable between the solar panel and the first light
  • Has a high-quality light sensor that adjusts to environmental lighting conditions


  • The remote control needs improvement


ETINAS 10W 12V 16 Million Colors LED Pond Light- 900LM IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Light with...
  • ✅ Materials: Using the optical high efficiency lens, 180 degree adjustable light, high transmittance. LED outdoor flood lights provides even and bright illumination across a wide area. With APP control.The whole product is submersible and underwater.
  • ✅ Input Voltage: AC85-265V to DC 12V US Plug adaptor; Output: 10W; Rubber seal ring; Arc-shaped tempered glass; Ingress Protection Rating: IP68. The light with adapter cannot add extension cords, If the cord is too long, the brightness of the light will be affected, and the waterproof level will also be affected.
  • ✅ APP Control: 16 Million Colors and Multi lighting effects like static, color jumping, single color cross fade, dual color cross fade, gradual change, or strobe flash could be changed by APP. 5 Modes: Adjust/ Style/ Music/ Mic/ Schedule. Waterproof design, ideal even for outdoor lights.

This high-quality pond light is perfect for illuminating and beautifying water features, may it be ponds, rocks, fountains, or even ornaments. The optical lens used in the construction of this 12V RGB Light is of the highest quality. It has a range of motion of up to 180 degrees. This 10W bulb has a lumen output of 700-900 and a lifetime of 25000H-50000H.

There are a total of 24 buttons on this remote control, 12 of which are used to activate fixed lighting effects and the remaining 4 controlling dynamic effects like a flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

Conversely, there are 8 buttons available for on/off, brightness adjustment (two buttons), and flash mode selection (4 keys). With this, you can effortlessly design a luminous paradise around or even within your pond.


  • Waterproof; IP68 rating
  • Has a remote for better control
  • Capable of generating multiple colors
  • Lens has an arched tempered glass protector
  • It can be used as an uplight, a downlight, or even submerged


  • Not waterproof nor moisture-resistant transformer

Three main types of pond lighting system

Pond owners usually use any of these three main pond lighting system types.


Pond lights that shine downward are less expensive and last longer than other options. Furthermore, setting up these bulbs is a breeze. In fact, the majority of pond owners choose this light because it creates beautiful reflections and looks natural.

Typically, these lights are hung from tree limbs or the tree canopy close to the pond to produce natural shadow effects and shading. Fish and plants thrive in this beautiful light because it mimics natural sunlight. In addition, you can use these lights to brighten up any secluded corner of a pond.

Submersible lighting

From the name itself, this light fixture is submerged in your pond water to create a beautiful appearance. Fish will swim closer to the bright beams of light because of the sparkling water. These lights are available in a wide array of hues, dimensions, and shapes to suit your needs.

It is best to place submersible lighting fixtures on the water’s surface at the shallowest parts of the pond. Submersible lighting makes it simple to illuminate the pond’s bottom, even in hard-to-reach areas. 

You can even put them beneath a fountain to see the water dance. However, these bulbs need more upkeep than others do. In order to maximize the effects of these lights, however, you must maintain clear pond water at all times.


Bullet lights are another name for these water features. These lights are typically staked into the ground close to the pond. These produce stunning illumination effects around the pond’s perimeter. Uplighting is great since it can be directed wherever you like.

Most of the time, these lights are aimed at nearby trees and buildings. In addition, you can use uplighting lights to illuminate the area where the waterfall splashes down into your pond. It’ll set a beautiful mood all around the pond.

Common parts for a basic pond lights setup

Today’s LED technology has made every product simple to operate, eliminating the need for a complex setup. It was so different compared to the setup years ago, wherein there were things like voltage drop and line size to consider.


If you want your lights to turn on and off at predetermined intervals, you can set the timer on the device’s back. To do this, you’ll need photocells. You can purchase a photocell independently if your transformer doesn’t come with one.


The number of lights that can be connected to a transformer is proportional to its wattage. There are a wide variety of light bulbs that can be used with a 60-watt unit, from 10 6-watt bulbs to 20 3-watt bulbs or even 60 1-watt bulbs. 

The transformer connects to your home’s electrical system and reduces the voltage from 120 to 12. In order to get electricity from the transformer to your lights, you must connect the cable from the transformer to the outlets.

Extension cables and splitters

A light splitter allows numerous lights to be plugged into a single transformer, functioning similarly to a power strip. That is why you’ll need a splitter if you’re planning on using numerous lights.

You just have to remember that a color light requires a different splitter than white light, so plan accordingly. If your water feature is particularly large or if you want to reach plants that are 30 or 40 feet distant from your pond, you may require an extension cable in addition to a splitter.

What to consider when choosing pond lights

Here are some factors you need to consider prior to choosing pond lights

Number of pond lights needed

Make sure that the quantity of lights in the product you order matches the quantity you need for your pond. Different products are sold singly or in bulk quantities. For a smaller pond, a single really powerful light source may be sufficient, although you may like to add accent lighting to specific locations. This may not be the case for bigger ponds.

Color and aesthetics

There are many different colors available for pond lighting. Having a pond that complements the rest of your garden’s aesthetic is a nice touch. There are lights available that can be controlled wirelessly or manually to alter their hue.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re more of a purist who only uses white light to illuminate your outdoor space. Most pond lights produce the standard white light and are generally of higher quality, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one.

Power source compatibility

Before buying fish pond lights, check first if it is compatible with your power source (AC, DC, etc.). Most pond lights require electricity to operate, so you’ll need access to a power source close by. 

There are also pond lights that need very little electricity to operate and others that use a lot. You can reduce the cost of lighting your pond by using solar-powered lights or a low-wattage bulb.

Aside from plugging into an electrical socket, your pond light can also be solar-powered pond lighting or battery-operated. There are benefits and drawbacks to each, so you’ll have to weigh your personal circumstances to choose which is ideal.


You should get something that can withstand the elements for as long as you need it to. Remember, you’re leaving it there in the water for, ideally, many of yours. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pond light, bear in mind that, in general, you get what you pay for.

Light positioning

You should have a general plan for where you want to put your lights before you go out and buy a lighting kit. Your light placement or positioning will depend on your goal. If you want to show off your fish, you might want to install some underwater lights in your pond.

In order to see the landscaping around your pond at night, you may wish to install some exterior lighting. Moreover, if you have a waterfall, you could wish to illuminate it.

Make sure to acquire the correct kind of illumination for the location you intend to put them in, though. Always remember that whatever it is that you want to highlight, your pond light should be waterproof.

Type of bulb used

Due to the widespread use of LEDs in pond lights, making this decision should be simple. Some are halogen if you need them, but most are LED, and we favor LEDs over their competitors. They are quite effective at conserving energy and do not release much heat.

Energy efficiency

If you want to go for pond lights plugged into an electric socket, this will inevitably have a running cost. Power consumption may be an additional factor of importance to you.

The wattage of your pond’s lighting system is something to consider if you’re concerned about or simply interested in the ongoing maintenance costs associated with your pond’s illumination. You can also do an estimation of your possible electric bill to know which is the best option.


Outdoor lighting from reputable manufacturers is typically accompanied by a warranty. Before making a purchase, make sure there won’t be any problems with the lights.

Frequently asked questions

Are fish pond lights dangerous for fish?

The non-toxic plastic used to make pond lights eliminates one significant risk to fish, and the small amount of heat they produce (around 10%) eliminates the need for other safety measures.

Can I trust solar pond lights?

The answer is yes if you get enough sunlight. Money-wise, you’ll find this method to be rather advantageous. The solar power of many modern gadgets is complemented by built-in rechargeable batteries.

Do fish get distracted by pond lighting?

Fish, even koi, in your pond won’t mind the lighting. Fish, according to numerous reports, is particularly drawn to artificial lighting. If you are still worried, you may turn your lights on a timer so your fish may enjoy about 8 hours of dimness every night.

Does having pond lights harm the fish?

If you illuminate your pond with energy-saving LED lamps, the water won’t get too hot, and the fish won’t get sick. Also, if you keep fish in a pond, you should always use a timer or switch off the lights as night falls.

Fish will be easy prey for any predators out there at night, so turn off the pond lights while they’re not in use. Installing a simple timer on your plug connection will allow you to have your electronics turned off at night at the specified time.

Should I turn off the pond lights at night?

Pond lights should be turned off periodically. To make sure your marine pals get enough shut-eye, do this. Maintaining a consistent rhythm with the pond lights can help fish adjust to their natural cycle, just like it helps people.


If you’ve decided to invest in pond lights to improve the atmosphere of your pond at night, we hope that our reviews have helped you make an informed decision about which lights would work best for you.

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